FAQ's on Nano Iron by Dr Zoue Lloyd-Wright

Over the years I've helped hundreds of patients, many of whom had an iron deficiency or had anaemia. 

Many of my patients would say ‘why can the health profession not come up with an iron supplement that is pleasant?’

Luckily, finally someone has!

What is the Difference between Nano Iron and Iron Supplements in Terms of Dosage and Usability?

Nano Iron addresses the iron deficiency in a perfectly pleasant and gentle way with no side effects and has the potential to improve and resolve many health issues.

There are several types of traditional over the counter Iron Supplements, which can be liquid and tablets or capsules, such as ferrous sulfate, ferrous fumarate, ferrous gluconate for instance. Most of these are not at all pleasant to take and can have very strong side effects particularly in the gut. 

How to Interpret Iron Quantities Listed on the Label?

There is also a great deal of confusion over the two numerical amounts of Iron listed on a supplement label; one is a higher number and other a lower number. It is important to understand the difference, as knowing what this means is crucial when choosing an iron supplement and furthermore the correct dosage to take, when prescribed by a health care profession.

Let me explain the difference and what this means in terms of actual Iron absorbed by the body? This is very simple, when two amounts are listed on the label, the larger number is the Chemical Compound form, because iron is bound to salts (e.g. ferrous sulfate) and where there is a smaller number, this refers only to the amount of iron in the compound, also called the Elemental Iron. It is important to mention that these iron compound supplements, including tablets, capsules, powders and liquids on the market can also contain fillers, residues, additives, excipients and adulterants.

Iron Supplements are Generally Poorly Absorbed

Elemental Iron (lower number) is the most important number, because this is the amount in the supplement for the body to absorb, BUT, it has to be liberated from the iron compound in the body in order for it to be absorbed! Absorption is not guaranteed. Most Liquid Iron supplements contain ferrous gluconate, and are ONLY 12% elemental iron, this does not fare much better for other iron supplements, which contain between 12 to 15% elemental iron, in a compounded form.

The liberation or release of the iron from the iron compound supplement, occurs in the entire digestive tract, especially the upper, which contains the stomach. In healthy individuals there is usually a 10 to 15% absorption and those with iron deficiency anaemia the body can absorb up to 50% of the elemental iron. In individuals with malabsorption or other clinical conditions, iron absorption will be much lower, and in some cases hardly at all.

So regularly if an iron supplement says 100mg of an iron compound, most likely there will be between 12 and 15% elemental iron (12mg for the sake of this example) and average absorption would be 10-15% of that (around 1.8 mg, in most cases, often less if the gut is in any way compromised).

How much Iron should I take to increase red blood cell production?

This is extremely important when a health care professional prescribes an iron supplement or a specific dose of iron for the individual. Generally, all types of Iron supplements help to increase red blood cell production, but will vary in cost and amounts of elemental iron.

What side effects are usual for traditional Iron Supplements?

Iron supplements are also known to cause major unpleasant side effects especially if an individual is anaemic or urgently requires iron in large concentrations (e.g. third trimester of pregnancy), these can range from stomach cramps, nausea, dizziness, disturbed intestinal flora, constipation, dark stools and a metallic taste in the mouth. Iron is absorbed best on an empty stomach, which further compounds the side effects, often impacting your gut microflora, wherein the bad bacteria tend to prosper, lowering the good bacteria, which alters your intestinal balance, leading to bloating, and at the extreme you may even start experiencing blood in your faeces.

All the above side effects, can be alleviated and resolved by using Nano Iron which is 100% elemental iron and therefore not bonded to any other substances and will not have any of the adverse side effects, of bonded iron compounds, as described above.

An Iron Supplement with No Side Effects?

Nano Iron the miracle solution with 100% absorption and absolutely no side effects. Nano Mineral Iron Solution comes into its own to alleviate and avoid such situations. Nano Iron from The Health Factory has the smallest possible particles between 0.5 and 7 nano metres, in the purest elemental form, which is dissolved in purified water. Nano Iron completely bypasses the gut, but is absorbed as whole nanoparticles directly into the cells, unlike many conventional iron supplements and does not require to be broken down in the stomach prior or gut. As well as being 100% bioavailable, it is also tasteless and odourless.

All the above make Nano Iron a no brainer, as 30 ml is approximately 0.75 to 0.9 mg of elemental iron and is absolutely no burden on any of the organs in body. By addressing iron deficiency in such a perfectly pleasant and gentle way, has the potential to improve and resolve many health issues.

Nano Iron can offer a unique solution with the ‘Oligodynamic’ nature conferring an immediate targeted effect in low concentrations.

Nano Iron Dosage

Recommendations for amounts:

If your health professional has recommended you take 100mg of a regular Iron supplement, we’d equate the amount you will actually absorb and be able to use, to approximately 30 - 35ml of Nano Iron.

If you’ve been recommended to take 200mg of a regular Iron supplement, we recommend you take 35ml of Nano Iron twice a day on an empty stomach.

In severe cases of iron deficiency, you can take 90 – 120 ml a day without overdosing, and without side effects.

How do I take Nano Iron?

Nano Iron should always be taken on an empty stomach. Hold it in your mouth for a minute or two before swallowing.