How do you Compare Nano Minerals to a Non Nano Supplement?

How a nano minerals product compares to a regular mineral supplement.

Here's the response we gave a customer this week:

Nano Mineral vs Regular Supplements

Nano Minerals vs. Non Nano Minerals Supplements

It is very hard to compare these product to others due to their revolutionary format and sophisticated entry into the body.  

Let's use a conventional magnesium supplement in capsule form as an example comparison.

While you get about 1/10th of the amount of magnesium in volume with a nano minerals product, it is one hundred percent bioavailable, as it will enter into your blood stream immediately.

Compare this to the capsule. Now this claims to be 200mg but of this you're not getting all magnesium. These supplements are made of a compound (Bisglycinate chelate and Oxide chelate, per the ingredients list) so the amount of pure magnesium you are getting is actually quite small, as these compounds contain approximately 15% elemental magnesium. 

Nano Magnesium , by comparison, is 100% elemental (ie the element without anything attached to it).   

Compare any other magnesium on the market to this and you'll be getting nowhere near 200mg of actual magnesium when you separate the elements it is compounded with, and that is exactly what your body has to do to make the magnesium available for utilization.  

Radically Improved Bioavailability

Secondly, your body needs to break down these compounds in the stomach and other organs, so that they can be utilized/absorbed and as consequence of this, a vast amount of magnesium is lost and not available for absorption.  

Therefore, what you actually get into your blood stream and your cells is maybe 1/10th of the 15% elemental magnesium of what you took.

Another pivotal factor is the particle size, Conventional supplements contain particles that are a lot bigger and the magnesium cannot enter where it is required, such as into the brain and nervous system in the same way as the nano magnesium does, which enters straight through the soft tissue in the mouth bypassing the digestive system entirely, which then means you have a ready available supply of magnesium to use.