The Health Factory Nano Iron, 200ml


I consider Nano Minerals to be the most advanced and sophisticated mineral supplement on the market. ” Dr Zouë Lloyd-Wright Dip. DT., BA.(Hons)., BSc (Hons), Ph.D. Nutritional Consultant & Clinical Nutritionist

Nano Iron is a highly absorbable yet gentle form of liquid iron supplement with two clear advantages over regular iron products.

(1) Unlike conventional iron supplements Nano Iron causes no intestinal distress or inflammation. It’s just exceptionally effective at improving iron status with minimal side effects, and no negative impact on intestinal flora.

(2) Nano sized particles demonstrate radically improved bio-availability over conventional iron supplements. Delivered faster, you need less nano iron for a comparable or even better result.

Nano Iron is 100% pure, gentle and free from additives. Ideal for the whole family.


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