Zinc & Silver ENT Spray

Do you need an ENT spray packed with powerful nano Zinc and Silver?

This potent Nano Zinc and Silver spray is useful thing to have around during cold season, or with allergy flare ups.

Zinc and Silver ENT Spray by the Health Factory

The Health Factory ENT Silver Zinc Nano Nasal Spray

If there’s a most powerful nasal spray for the cold season we’d like to know about.

The benefits of both zinc and silver are well documented but to combine them into one nano particulate spray brings it to the next level.

Reducing inflammation, while helping with the body’s immune response make this sought after by allergy sufferers, too.

We’ve had a number of letters from sufferers of Hay Fever and sinusitis, as well as Herpes.

How to Apply the ENT Nano Nasal Spray?

This product can be sprayed directly into the nose.

Once you’ve opened the bottle, it can be kept for up to a year so if you’re buying it for seasonal viruses it will likely keep till they come around again.

What are the Ingredients?

It’s a simple product comprised of just monoatomic, diatomic and nano clusters zinc and silver. (Double isolated particles with very high zeta potential, measured at +60 millivolt)

It is tastless and odourless to the body. And suitable for vegans and vegetarians.