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Health Factory Nano Magnesium

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Nano Magnesium is a revolutionary liquid magnesium supplement that's highly absorbable and gentle on your body.

Our Nano Magnesium utilises nanoparticles, tiny particles designed to enhance the delivery and absorption of nutrients at the cellular level. This groundbreaking supplement is suitable for the entire family.

Nano Magnesium is:

  • highly absorbable and fast-acting
  • free from side effects like diarrhoea, stomach cramps and flatulence
  • easily absorbed through the skin and mucous membranes
  • tasteless and odourless
  • pure and free from additives (contains only magnesium and water!)

Using Nano Magnesium is simple. Just swill a capful around your mouth (it tastes like water), and you'll begin absorbing it even before swallowing.

Health practitioners we work with tell us this is by far the most effective magnesium product they've ever discovered! Experience the difference of Nano Magnesium and support your overall health and well-being.

30 ml of The Health Factory's Nano Magnesium product provides the equivalent amount of magnesium to 100% of the referenced daily intake (RDA).



99.99% pure magnesium (elemental) and purified (energised) water. 

These are single atoms or small clusters of atoms of the pure magnesium element. 

Nothing else. 

If you are wondering "what type of magnesium is it?" it is not any type -- it is pure. Types of magnesium infers there is a compound of some kind that the body must digest or break down before it can be absorbed. 

Adults - 30 ml per day

Maintenance: 10-20 ml per day


    • Up to 2 years: 1 teaspoon / 5 ml per day.
    • 2-6 years: 1 tablespoon / 10 ml per day.
    • 6-12 years: 2 tablespoons / 20 ml per day.

Externally, nano magnesium can be applied topically (e.g. in a spray), particularly for muscles this can be effective.

Remember, this product is not for treatment of any illness or condition of any kind. It is a food supplement and is not a replacement for a proper and varied diet.

Take away from food for better absorption. 

Ideally take on an empty stomach and hold in the mouth for a minute or so for best absorption. Wait 20 mins approximately before eating. 

Benefits of Magnesium 

One of the most abundant elements in nature, magnesium can be found in every organ of the human body. It plays a vital role in more than 300 bodily functions and is a key component in a balanced diet which helps with proper muscle function, nerves, healthy bones, and even our heartbeat.

Having the correct balance of magnesium may help maintain 

  • Reduced tiredness and fatigue. 
  • Energy Production
  • normal energy yielding metabolism
  • normal functioning of the nervous system
  • mental health* (magnesium is acknowledged to have a role in normal psychological function)
  • Athletic Performance* (magnesium contributes through aiding normal protien synthesis, maintenance of healthy bones, healthy nervous system and normal muscle function)

The benefits of this particular product are as follows:

  • Tiny particle size results in optimum absorption
  • Liquid form means it’s easy to take and absorb
  • Absorbed through skin and mucous membranes
  • Tasteless & Odourless
  • Does not require digestion
  • It can be applied in a spray 
  • Special Violet glass protects the product ensuring freshness.

    Is The Health Factory Nano Magnesium Liquid Safe?

    At the right levels, magnesium supplementation is considered safe. Like anything, taking too much can cause issues. Always read the label. With vitamins and minerals, an excess of one can cause deficiencies of another due to a disbalance, so this is something to be cautious of.

    Anyone with kidney issues should be especially cautious about supplementing magnesium and seek professional guidance.

    What Is The Best Form of Liquid Magnesium Supplement?

    The best form of magnesium is one the body can absorb and use most easily to get the right balance.  The supplement market is awash with magnesium in a variety of formats:

    • glycinate
    • citrate
    • oxide
    • chloride
    • lactate
    • malate
    • taurate
    • l-threonate
    • sulfate
    • orotate

    All of these have specific benefits and USP’s but none of them delivers the magnesium in its pure state or as tiny, nano-sized particles. Generally speaking, minerals from rock or clay deposits are absorbed at between 20% and 40% efficacy. Chelated minerals offer improvement at about 50-60% absorption. But nano minerals are more absorbable, especially when taken on an empty stomach and held in the mouth before swallowing.

    How long does Nano Magnesium last for?

    After opening, the product has a 1-year shelf life. We pack our products in high-quality dark-violet glass, allowing only the positive infrared and ultraviolet UVA to penetrate, and blocking the harmful parts of the light spectrum.  This makes our product longer lasting. Keep closed and out of reach of young children.

    Does Nano Magnesium Liquid Cause Diarrhea?

    Unlike any other form of magnesium supplement that we know of, nano magnesium does not cause diarrhea. For anyone with a sensitive stomach, or perhaps struggling with a condition that may cause concern with supplementing with magnesium, the nano magnesium offers a very pure means of supplementing magnesium.

    How does Nano Magnesium differ from other magnesium supplements?

    The primary difference lies in the fact that it isn't bound to any other substance -- it is not a compound -- and does not therefore depend on digestion for absorption. It also differs in particle size. Nano Magnesium's particles are much smaller than those in conventional supplements, allowing for direct cellular uptake and immediate utilization by the body. This can result in a more efficient and effective supplementation experience, sometimes resulting in changes within minutes. 

    Can Nano Magnesium help with sleep issues?

    Sleep is not on the list of approved claims that can be made for magnesium. 

    Does Nano Magnesium by the Health Factory contain any allergens or additives?

    Nano Magnesium is a pure and clean product, free from common allergens and unnecessary additives. It is vegan and gluten-free.

    How long does it take to notice the benefits of taking Nano Magnesium?

    This is unique to the individual. The time frame can vary from person to person and will depend on many different factors. Some may notice benefits within a few minutes or hours or days, while for others, it might take a few weeks or longer or "not at all". This would not necessarily mean the body is not absorbing.

    But remember also, this product is not intended as a remedy for anything. It is just a food supplement, albeit in a new format for better absorption.

    Can Nano Magnesium support athletic performance?

    Magnesium is vital for muscle function and energy production. For this reason athletes may find that Nano Magnesium helps support their endurance, reduce muscle cramps, and aid recovery post-exercise.

    Is there anyone who should avoid taking Nano Magnesium?

    Individuals with kidney disease or those who are on certain medications that affect magnesium levels should consult their healthcare provider before taking Nano Magnesium or any magnesium supplement.

    Does Nano Magnesium interact with calcium supplements?

    Magnesium and calcium compete for absorption in the body. The human body utilises these these two elements in a precise ratio to keep an optimum balance. It’s often recommended to take them at different times of the day to maximize their individual absorption rates. Speak with a health professional for more guidance.

    Can Nano Magnesium help with muscle cramps during pregnancy?

    Magnesium has a role to play in the proper functioning of muscles. Pregnant women should only supplement Magnesium under the guidance of their healthcare provider.