What are Nano Minerals?

Nano Minerals by the Health Factory are the most carefully produced, premium mineral supplements on the market, bringing the amazing potency of nanotechnology to benefit human health.

They are a cutting edge way to give the body the minerals it may have difficult absorbing otherwise. Quite simply, there is nothing like them on the market.

What Does Nano Mean?

In scientific terms, Nano means ‘one billionth’ or 0.000000001. Particles can be described as one nanometre in size. From a laymans perspective you could just imagine that these particles are rendered extremely small for the purposes of increasing their surface area and making them more absorbable.

Why Nano Minerals Offer the Best Way to Absorb Key Nutrition?

Most absorbtion of our food happens in the small intestines. After you eat food your body breaks down proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. The 20-25 foot long winding tube which is your small intestine is covered in microvilli (microscopic hair-like structures)  whose job it is to absorb the basic nutrient elements into the bloodstream.

In many cases, however, this process is significantly impaired and as such the body never receives the key nutrients it needs, despite an excellent diet. Many systems of the body need to work well to create good absorption. The saliva in the mouth needs the right enzymes, the right digestive enzymes in the stomach need to be present, the right acid levels, and the right bacteria. It could also be that foreign invaders inhibit the process or that the natural movements of the intestines are either too slow or too quick.

Nano vs. Chelated Minerals

In this scenario, nano minerals offer a 21st century solution to giving the body what it needs to survive.

Chelated minerals, meaning they’ve been chemically bound with a chelating agenct (such as an amino acid) are commonly offered in the health supplement market with the promise of increased absorption.

Evidence that this is true is, in fact, somewhat scant. A study examining the benefits of chelated iron, for example, concluded negligible difference in blood iron levels from women who’d taken chelated iron vs those who had taken a conventional supplement (ref).

Studies on nano iron, however, concluded significantly improved absorption (ref), plus the supplement has the added benefit of being gentler on the gut.

How Do Health Factory Nano Minerals Work?

By creating a mineral solution in which the minerals are carried in water, without either sinking to the bottom or rising to the top, these liquid supplements offer a unique way for the human body to nourish itself. Clearly, the smaller the particle the greater the overall surface area with the resulting improved assimilation potential.

As such, we believe these extraordinary mineral supplements offer the truly optimum method of finding the mineral supplementation needed to bring the body into harmony. With our soils depleted, and our digestive tracts impaired due to a 21st century lifestyle, Nano Minerals represent the pinnacle of cutting edge science and nutritional potential.

Where Have All the Trace Minerals Gone?

Traditionally, it was possible to simply eat a balanced diet, drink clean water, and obtain all of your mineral needs. Soils that in perfect health contain abundant trace minerals which find their way into crops, and pure spring water additionally delivers the human body a variety of mineral benefits, in most cases.

20th century soil depletion, however, combined with the widespread use of heavily processed tap water, means our food crops contain a fraction of the minerals they used to.

These minerals are foundational parts of human health, not just building blood but also critical to the electrical impulses which underlie all of our bodily functions.

What Types do Health Factory Offer?

Below are the 7 main minerals we offer, plus the sprays.

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Indium
  • Zinc/Copper
  • Nano Sprays
  • Glow & Shine Spray

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