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One of the rarest elements on earth, indium is a precious and special substance most commonly known as a homoeopathic remedy: indium metallicum.

In recent years, a few specialist producers, such as the Health Factory, have started bringing it to the market in supplement form.

Our indium supplement is an extremely pure but not a 'nano' product like the rest of our range.


Purified water with 15mg / l (15ppm) ultra-fine particles of pure, 99.99 non-compound Indium.

This product can only be used externally. Apply the product to the skin. Use according to the directions for use on the product packaging.

How Does Our Indium Supplement Work?

The health claims for this product are that it normalises the major pituitary-hypothalamus-pineal gland and the endocrine system.

Balancing these two systems leads to harmony within the body's hormonal systems, as well as reducing overall inflammation and promoting a sense of alertness.

Adherents of this product claim it restores hormonal balance to a more youthful level.

Indium is a trace element. That is a mineral that we need very little to do well able to function. We get around 2 mcg of it per day through water, food and air.

History of Indium Supplementation

In the 1930's indium came on the market as a homoeopathic remedy for exhaustion, muscle pain, irritability, loss of concentration and depression.

In the 1970s, Dr Schroeder, Dr Robert Lyons (Indium, the missing Trace Mineral) and cosmologist and health teacher A.H. Bonadio began extensive research into indium.

Bonadio’s study claimed that with indium:

  • The absorption of minerals and trace elements in the organs is on average 142% up.
  • The HPA axis regulates (the pituitary, hypothalamus and adrenal glands), causing the release and cooperation of all hormones in the body. Examples are growth hormones, sexual hormones and adrenal hormones

A total of 6 patents have been acquired on the health qualities of indium

What are the Benefits of Indium Supplements?

Effects of indium intake in the short term (1 to 4 weeks) may include:

• Improved sleep and less need for sleep
• More endurance and muscle strength
• Faster recovery after strenuous activities
• Strong increase in physical and mental well-being
• Restoration of the immune system. More resilient, decrease in inflammation
• Decreased tendency to form bruises and strained muscles
• Improved resistance of the gums • Decrease in headache • Improved concentration
• Increased libido

Effects of the use of indium in the longer term (5 to 24 weeks) may include:

• Improved skin structure and shiny nails and hair
• Decreased hormonal baldness and improved pigmentation
• Improved prostate function, decrease in PSA values ​​to a maximum of 75%
• Improved blood glucose levels, decrease in metabolic syndrome

• Less problems with cramps, hot flashes, night sweats, etc. as a result of menstruation or menopause • Menstrual recurrence in PCOS
• Increased fertility
• Restore testosterone values, more muscle and decisiveness, increased sports performance
• Stabilization of weight, weight loss, or increase if underweight
• Improved function of the thyroid gland
• Normalization temperature

Indium Supplements for Fertility

Decreased fertility can be caused by stress in both men and women.

Stress brings the HPA axis out of balance and causes disturbed hormone levels. The hormone progesterone serves both as a raw material for stress hormones and as reproductive hormones. The production of stress hormones takes precedence over reproductive hormones. Stress can therefore result in decreased fertility.

There are many more ways in which stress affects fertility, one of which is a deficiency of mineral intake and absorption. Indium may contribute to fertility by returning the HPA axis to balance, regulating the physical stress response and providing improved mineral absorption.

In addition, indium may affect the pregnancy hormone relaxin. Relaxin supports the entire development of the fetus, from a good location in the womb to the optimal development of the brain. In addition, a lack of relaxin is associated brought with premature births.

Relaxine also helps during pregnancy loosening ligaments in the pelvis, making it easier for the baby to be born.

Indium and PCOS

PCOS is a hormonal disorder in women that is becoming more common. At PCOS, there is a disruption of the menstrual cycle, so ovulation is no longer possible takes place. The follicle becomes a fluid bladder (cyst) if it does not mature. PCOS literally means then also that there are several fluid blisters (cysts) in the body.

In the absence of ovulation, the body will produce extra hormones such as estrogen and androgen. Women with PCOS have too much estrogen compared to progesterone. This hormonal imbalance leads to various complaints such as male over-hair, acne, absence of menstrual periods, severe menstruation, mood changes, depression and infertility. Too low Progesterone also makes the body more susceptible to inflammation. In time, others may conditions arise, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and pregnancy complications.

Since Indium may help to bring the hormones back into balance, it shows promise for this difficult condition. I

Indium Supplements for Adrenal Fatigue

In the case of burnout, adrenal exhaustion is also usually the case. The adrenal glands, which regulate stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline, become exhausted when stress is chronic. The resilience to stress decreases enormously because the adrenal glands are unable to continue regulating the stress response.

The burnout is then a fact. Indium may exhibit a strengthening effect on the mineral-enhancing effect and regulation of the physical stress response. Of course, other supplements are also needed to supplement deficiencies and strengthen the body.

Is Indium Harmful to Humans?

With regards to the use of nano indium supplements, we always recommend you take the advice of your health practitioner first and foremost.

As an incredibly rare element, research into the potential toxicity of indium is in its infancy.

A form of it, Indium-111-pentetreotide (ref) is being used to treat certain cancers that have resisted conventional treatment.

Certainly, indium compounds, as opposed to pure elemental indium, have demonstrable toxicity. These include indium chloride and indium citrate (ref)

Does the Human Body use Indium?

Conventional science reports that indium has no biological use in the body.

Since it occurs as silicates or bauxite in the earth's crust, it’s transference to the human food chain is likely to be very low, as these are insoluble.

What's the Best Indium Supplement?

Our experience with the Health Factory supplements has been nothing but positive.

They have a very high manufacturing standard, and they always use violet glass to preserve the integrity of their products.