100% Biologically Available Minerals Your Body Can Absorb!


What's Does Nano Mean?

Nano technology, the branch of technology that deals with dimensions and tolerances of less than 100 nanometres, is changing the face of medicine.

Norio Taniguchi, a Professory of Science at Tokyo University was the first to use this phrase when describing such small particles. The term “nano” comes from ancient Greek and means “dwarf” (nános = dwarf)

What's Different about Nano Minerals to other Supplements?

When the minerals are this small, the body can see radically improved absorption and, in the case of traditionally aggravating supplements like iron, zero digestive discomfort.

The Health Factory are the first to bring nano sized minerals into the world of natural health. We believe this is the most cutting edge mineral supplementation on the market.

Is 'Nano' Better than 'Ionic'?

A colloid is an insoluble substance suspended in another substance. Nanoparticles will remain in a colloidal state indefinitely due to particle zeta potential.

Ionic solutions are not colloids. The ions (particles missing one outer orbital electron) can only exist in the solute. Once in contact with free ions or when the water evaporates, insoluble and sometimes undesirable compounds will form.

In short, we believe nano minerals represents a significant evolution over current mineral formulas, even those touted as 'ionic'.

Who Invented Nano Minerals?

The Health Factory and it's groundbreaking products was created by Dutch health pioneer Steven de Koenigswarter. You can watch a video of him speaking here.

Can I Speak with Someone About Practitioner Rates and Training?

Yes, please book in a call with Jose via our practitioner page here. We can arrange training, and practitioner discounts.