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The Wonders of Okinawa Sea Coral Minerals

It’s 5:00 am on the Japanese island of Nansei, the sun has yet to rise but that doesn’t stop Matsumura and his wife Yui head to the beach with their friends. Despite his aching back from working 7 hours gardening the day before with his wife, he’s eager to get down to the beach where he’s sure swimming in the natural seawater will rejuvenate his back.

Friends for 88 years, the 3 couples including Matsumura and Yui have an average age of 92. Though this may seem an anomaly, it’s actually a common sight on the Island of Nansei. There are two times more centenarians on Nansei than mainland Japan and other southwest islands, and eleven times more centenarians than the United Kingdom.

As the 3 couples stroll towards the beach, the conversation turns to a discussion about last night’s dinner. All meals consumed by this group of friends will consist of the precious and highly valued Okinawa Sea Coral Minerals, similar to how Olive Oil is revered in the Mediterranean.

Yui recalls every detail of the meal she prepared, you can tell by her enthusiasm how proud she is to recount the ingredients of her miso soup with fine buckwheat noodles, sprinkled with coral calcium. Her friend touches Yui’s arm to interrupt and boasts how she made sushi that was carefully wrapped in handpicked dried Nori and sprinkled with coral calcium between each layer. The conversation continues like this until they reach the sea, each member of the group struck quiet at the sight of the sea even after all these years.

‘The sea coral used for centuries by Matsumara, Yui and their ancestors is the same mineral that’s harvested, preserved and brought to you as Okinawa Sea Coral Minerals by The Health Factory’

The highest biodiversity of any ecosystem on the planet, more than our tropical rainforest, is found in coral reefs. They could be considered a miracle, a gift and another wonder of the world due to their function. They protect our coastlines from storms and erosion as well as being a major food source and the root of new medicines. Adding to their importance is six million fishermen, dependent on the reefs for food and income.

About Health Factory Okinawa Sea Coral Minerals

To ensure immaculate clean and pure water, Okinawa Sea Coral Minerals are only harvested from reef-building coral of the Nansei Islands. This water naturally contains a high mineral content due to the fact that it’s constantly being filtered through the coral remains that contain large amounts of elements and minerals. This is further enhanced by the topography of the area as it’s one of the largest land-masses of volcanic origin. This harvesting is conducted under very strict government regulations. Only already dead and fossilised coral is harvested.

Thanks to the coral’s unique growth patterns - distinctive and idiosyncratic sideways projections, the careful coordination of the harvest is able to take place without damaging the live coral. The coral is able to be rejuvenated and flourishes thanks to the ability the coral has to remove marine coral sand from the area around the coral reefs. The remaining coral is protected when new sideways projections grow.

The minerals and organic elements within Okinawa are the vitality of the product and are preserved thanks to the care and techniques that have been perfected over thousands of years. These techniques are respectfully adhered to by us, keeping our Okinawa minerals as close in composition to the original living form of coral as possible. The mineral contains calcium and magnesium in the perfect  ‘golden ratio’ which is ideal for the human diet, the ratio being calcium to magnesium 2:1.

Sadly, many other marine coral products fail to reach the quality of our Okinawa coral even though they may be sold claiming to be high quality. These other products usually come in tablet form and are mostly coral sand left on the ocean floor, containing fillers and preserving chemicals.

Coral is graded by Okinawans based on a high ‘magnesium content’. Our Okinawa coral is one of the highest in magnesium content having 11,000,000 mcg (11,000 mg) of magnesium in every 100 grams of coral.

The calcium levels in 100 grams of Okinawa minerals is 22,800,000 (22,800 mg) making the 2:1 ratio almost perfect. These 2 elements are present in a form that is fully bioavailable and used by the body

Okinawa Sea Coral Minerals Is Revolutionary Calcium and Magnesium Complex

When the Okinawa is added to water or sprinkled on food, the vast majority of all the minerals become ionic and can be fully absorbed and used by the body. When entering the stomach, a large percentage of the mineral becomes ionized and ready to be used by the body within 10-20 minutes even though the calcium present is calcium carbonate.

Minerals are needed for all living cells as they provide structure and function for the cells. They are also needed for composition of body fluids as well as blood and function of the bone, teeth, muscles, supporting nerve function, muscle tone and cardiovascular system. Minerals also act as important coenzymes which allow the body to perform biochemical functions such as energy production, growth healing and utilisation of vitamins and minerals.

A substantial amount of calcium and magnesium become ionic when added to water. Okinawa minerals in ionized forms carry a positive electrical charge, meaning these minerals are very energetic and active in the body. Thanks to calcium and magnesium being alkali metals, they have an alkalizing effect and raise the pH of the body substantially. Studies have shown that this can increase the strength of our immune systems as these bioavailable nutrients are needed for the tissue, cells, sub-cellular structures and molecules in living organisms.

Another mechanism that gives the coral minerals an advantage is the presence of chelated mineral atoms, the electrical charges of these chelated minerals allow for faster absorption in the body.  Chelated minerals are a class of complex compounds with a central metal atom.

Many other brands offer mineral supplements in tablet form or have inferior coral mineral extractions which are not bioavailable. This causes a major disadvantage because the tablets must reach the stomach first, to be digested and used by the body. Therefore it’s hard to know how much is being absorbed, especially if the stomach is compromised by Crohn’s Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and various autoimmune diseases. 

Some supplements use cheap low-grade calcium carbonate which is also used extensively as fillers in food products, cosmetics, dental products and many other supplements on the market. This calcium carbonate is mostly mined from Limestone and ground to size.

Limestone deposits are so abundant that they will never become exhausted and will be used for many years to come. However, calcium carbonate in this form can be damaging to the kidneys and liver, especially if not balanced with Vitamin D3, magnesium and other essential and ionic minerals and trace elements.

Calcium is vitally important for bones and teeth as well as playing an essential role as the second messenger in the cell-signalling pathway. However, it’s also the most complicated and hardest mineral for the body to absorb.

That’s where Okinawa Sea Coral Minerals has the advantage. 

They are highly bioavailable with a perfect balance of magnesium and calcium. They also have a complete composition of more than 70 other essential and ionic minerals and trace elements.