Why Iron Pills Make You Sick & what you Can Do About it

Have you started to feel sick since beginning iron supplementation?

You're not alone. Nausea is a common side effect experienced by individuals taking iron pills.

This article will delve into the scientific explanations behind why iron supplements may induce nausea and gastrointestinal discomfort. We'll explore how iron is absorbed in the body, why this process might cause nausea, and strategies to mitigate these uncomfortable symptoms.

We'll also introduce our Nano Iron product which conveniently solves the issue!

Why Do I Feel Sick After Taking Iron

Why Do I Feel Sick After Taking Iron?

Taking iron supplements can make you feel sick due to the way traditional iron interacts with your gastrointestinal system. When you swallow an iron pill, it lands in your stomach and comes into contact with stomach acid. For some people, this process can irritate the lining of the stomach and lead to feelings of nausea or even vomiting.

Why does this happen?

When you consume an iron supplement, the goal is for the iron to be absorbed into your bloodstream, a process that usually occurs in the first part of your small intestine, known as the duodenum. However, iron comes in different chemical forms, such as Fe+2 and Fe+3. The efficiency with which each of these forms is absorbed varies, and that's what we mean by "bioavailability."

If the form of iron you're taking has low bioavailability, more of it ends up staying in your gastrointestinal tract instead of being absorbed into your bloodstream. This excess iron in your gut can irritate the lining, causing symptoms like nausea and discomfort.

But here's the good news:

Nano Iron offers a different route for absorption, bypassing the usual gastrointestinal pathways. This minimizes any disturbance to your gut's natural environment, thereby reducing or usually completely eradicating the chance of experiencing nausea or other side effects.

Due to its unique structure and absorption pathway, Nano Iron also causes no disruption to the gut microbiome. This makes it a particularly effective and comfortable option for those looking to enhance their iron levels without the accompanying nausea or gut irritation.

Is It Normal to Feel Nauseous After Taking Iron Pills?

Feeling a bit sick after starting iron pills is pretty common. This usually happens because the iron interacts with the lining of your stomach and can affect the good bacteria in your gut. While it's normal for these symptoms to happen at first, if they keep going, it's a sign you should check in with a healthcare provider. They can help you decide if you should change the amount of iron you're taking, the time you take it, or even switch to a different kind of iron pill.

How Do I Stop Feeling Sick After Taking Iron?

If you're feeling sick from taking iron pills, there are some ways to make it easier on your stomach. One approach is to take the pill in the morning but eat a small amount of food first. This can help your stomach handle the iron better. Another tip is to take vitamin C at the same time as your iron pill. Vitamin C can help your body absorb the iron more effectively, which might make you feel less sick.

If you've tried these steps and still feel sick, it could be worth considering a different type of iron supplement, like Nano Iron, which is absorbed in a way that's easier on your stomach.

Nano Iron: The Best Way to Supplement Iron Without Getting Sick

Nano Iron presents a revolutionary approach to iron supplementation that bypasses many of the common side effects associated with traditional iron supplements. Unlike conventional forms, which are often bound to salts and other compounds, Nano Iron is 100% elemental iron. This elemental form is directly absorbed into the cells, eliminating the need for the iron to be first broken down in the stomach or gut.

This key difference in absorption mechanics not only makes Nano Iron more efficient but also eradicates gastrointestinal issues commonly associated with iron supplementation. It is tasteless, odourless, and places no burden on any of the organs in the body. With Nano Iron, you get the iron you need without the unwanted side effects, making it an optimal choice for those looking to supplement their iron intake safely and effectively.

How to Take Iron Pills Without Getting Sick – FAQ

What exactly in the iron pills triggers nausea?

The liberation of elemental iron from its compound form in traditional iron pills often triggers a localized irritation in the stomach lining, leading to a sensation of nausea.

Is nausea immediate or delayed after taking iron pills?

Nausea can occur either immediately or within a few hours after ingestion, varying based on individual sensitivity and the specific formulation of the iron supplement.

Can the form of iron in the supplement affect nausea levels?

Yes, certain forms of iron are more easily absorbed and less irritating to the stomach, reducing the likelihood of experiencing nausea.

Does taking iron with food minimize nausea?

Taking iron with food can mitigate nausea to some extent, but it also decreases the absorption rate of iron.

What measures can I take to reduce nausea when taking iron pills?

Hydrating well, taking the supplement with a small amount of food, and choosing an easily absorbed form of iron can help in reducing nausea.

Is Nano Iron a better option for those who experience nausea with traditional iron supplements?

Absolutely. Nano Iron is absorbed directly into the cells, bypassing the gut and thereby eliminating the chance of causing gastrointestinal issues like nausea.

How does Nano Iron differ in its mechanism of absorption?

Nano Iron is absorbed as whole nanoparticles directly into the cells. It does not need to be broken down in the stomach or gut, making it 100% bioavailable and free of nausea-inducing side effects.